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For women, losing hair is a very sensitive issue. At Hairline Studios we make the Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment of restoring your hairline a discrete, step by step process. This allows for for gradual hair replacement and to ensure that the right look is achieved, one week between sessions is typical. Oftentimes, close family, friends, and colleagues won’t even notice the change as it is achieved gradually.

Typical Treatment Cycle:

  • 1st visit

    Consultation & Hairline Mock-up

    Complimentary, time commitment varies.

  • 2nd visit

    1st Session

    1-3 Hours. Typically the longest session - creating a hairline and begin filling balding areas

  • 3rd visit

    2nd Session

    2-3 Hours. More filling and texturizing.

  • 4th visit

    3rd/Final Session

    1-3 Hours. Perfecting the final darkness and density of client’s look.

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