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Hairline Studios

Hairline Studios Training

Hairline Studios training has paired with Scalp Co. Academy in order to give the best training service, education, and mentorship. The class is three days long and will go over theory, practicals, design, and business building.

Our classes are solely based on natural work and the ability to scale your business as a natural artist. We are worlds apart from our competitors because we really hone in on your skills to make you the most sought after in your city. Scalp Co. Academy’s attention to detail, and obsessive passion for this craft makes us stand out among the many providers of Scalp Micropigmentation trainers nationwide. Not only will you receive hands on training from world renowned master artists, but a fully vetted curriculum that offers an intense program for this unique art form.
You will gain knowledge of

-SMP Theory
-Needle Configurations
-Wireless Rotary Machines
-Soft and Defined Hairlines
-Pointillism Techniques
-Depth and Spacing
-Skin Analysis
-Consultation Closing
-SMP Photography
-Extending Your Social Footprint

We are so very glad that you reached out, and look forward to helping you become the best artist in your city. We are your favorite artist’s favorite trainer! There is a reason why anyone that comes through our training program ranks #1 in a short period of time. Our mission is to ensure you are 100% ready to perform any treatment, outwork your competitors, and demand top dollar for your work.

  • Day One

    We will go over the history, technique, and designing of a hairline.

  • Day Two

    We will have hands on practice to ensure you understand the process.

  • Day Three

    We will work on live models together. Advanced classes are available if you are already certified as a technician.