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Scalp micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo procedure aiming to revive the hair follicles that already exist on the scalp. During this procedure, a needle-like tool is used to insert a special pigment into the scalp cosmetically. Although it is mostly used to encourage hair regrowth, in some cases, it can also be administered for medical purposes.

If you are considering a career in micro-pigmentation, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to explore the advantages and disadvantages before you take the plunge into a career that can be unique, thrilling, and financially successful too!

Advantages of Micro-Pigmentation as a Career

This career choice may not be as prominent or common as other conventional choices, but it does have its own list of advantages that give it an edge over more-known career choices.

Disadvantages of Micro-Pigmentation as a Career

A career in this field might seem lucrative, but make sure you do your research and understand the requirements of this career well before making the decision. Read on to explore some of the factors that may influence your decision to become a full-time scalp micro pigmentation artist in today’s world.


If you would love a career where you get a chance to help people improve their appearance and their confidence, scalp micro-pigmentation could be an ideal choice for you. If you are not able to figure out where to start and are on the lookout for expert guidance, reach out to the experts at Hairline Studios to set up a meeting today!

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